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Short-sleeved wool kirtle (fully lined)- £265

The kirtle is a foundation garment worn over a linen shift; intended to act as bust support, it needs to be a snug fit. Over this would be worn a gown or an overkirtle for working women.
Prices vary (according to options below) from £165
Choose from:
Wool or linen – lined or unlined
Laced (front, back or sides) or buttoned (14th century)
Long sleeves or short sleeves (with or without oversleeves – £20)
Overkirtle (pull-on, slightly looser fit)

Wool short-sleeved overkirtle

Short-sleeved wool overkirtle (fully lined) £215

Short-sleeved linen kirtle – £165


Short-sleeved wool kirtle – £265

Unlined wool kirtle £215

Short-sleeved wool overkirtle – £215

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Shifts and hose are the foundations of womenswear throughout much of history.

Shifts were linen under-garments very similar to mens shirts, just longer and fuller. In the 13th, 14th and 15th century nothing was worn underneath the shift.

Women’s hose were knee-length socks cut from woven cloth. They were often quite loose and held up by garters just below the knee.

Linen shifts £65
Half-hose in linen or wool £45

Ladies Half-Hose

Ladies Half-Hose

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