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Joined Hose

Joined Hose

In the later 14th and 15th century, hose rise further up the leg until they joined in the middle, at best guess around 1420. Often footed or stirruped, early joined hose barely reached above the widest part of your bottom; only at the end of the century had they risen to normal waist level. Braies became smaller as they had less area to cover.

Joined hose – stirruped £110, footed from £125

Joined Hose - rear

Joined Hose – rear

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14th Century Split Hose and Braies

13th/14th Century Single Leg Hose and Braies

Hose began as simple foot coverings and extended upwards covering more of the leg.
During 13th and much of the 14th century hose were single-legged garments (split hose) with long legged (pipe) braies filling the gap between. Hose fasten directly to the waistband (breech girdle) of the braies. Single leg hose (pair) £75, footed £95

14th Century Parti-coloured Split Hose

13th/14th Century Single Leg Hose (parti-coloured)

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