Cloak’d & Dagger’d is a historical costume business based in South Lanarkshire, although the business can be found at various events around the UK throughout the year.

Running the show is seamstress Jackie Phillips. She started in theatrical costuming during her time at the Welsh College of Music and Drama. Trained in pattern cutting and period sewing techniques, she also has a Masters degree in business management.

The garments are crafted to the highest standard, workmanship assured, historical accuracy vigorously researched and attention to detail guaranteed.

How to Order:

Feel free to call  or e-mail  to discuss your exact requirements.

You may need to allow plenty of time. Although rush orders (especially for small items) can sometimes be accommodated, my waiting list can be quite long and you must be prepared to allow several months from start to finish.



Most of the photos on this site were taken by me, but thanks must go to those photographers and models without whom I wouldn’t have as many pictures as I do.
Thanks to Tony Jebson, Ed Coller, Jo Rutherford and all the other photographers (mostly parents and friends) whose identities I don’t know.
Thanks to Jean-Paul Anthony, Mitchell Lawrence, Chris Terry, Tony Jebson, Nik Gaukroger, Dean Pye, Colin Northridge, Nik Doran, Paul Turner, Ralph Aarken, Ian Flint, Ian Talbot, Molly McDaniel, the Newmans, Connor and William John, Em and Kathy Bradley, Dawn Lacey, Jane Moulder, Heather Swaine, Gill Kapadia, John Bocquet, Kat Meyrick, Johnny Mullen, Adie Baldwin, Scott Oliver, Tom Goodwin for being such marvellous models.