from 15th Century Men

Taken from several period images, these hats are constructed from a tube gathered with a small band on top, or at the side.

Gathered hat £25

Gathered hat

Gathered hat


Gathered hat


Simple hat made of 2 lined pieces in the shape of a bag. The brim is rolled up as much as is needed to fit any size of head. The similarity in shape to the chaperon is notable, though of lower cost and status.

Bag hat £25


Bag Hat

Bag Hat


Bag Hat

Bag Hat


A simple shape seen throughout many centuries, in the 15th century it was seen with or without a simple brim, or with sections cut out of the brim.
Plain hat £15
Cutaway brim £20

Round Hat

Round Hat without brim


Round Hat – cutaway brim



Shirts were simple t-shaped garments with either a plain round neck or, in the 15thC, a simple split neck opening. They were rarely seen except on labouring class men working in hot conditions (though most often depicted in execution scenes). Made of linen so that they could be frequently laundered, the quality of the fabric depended on the wealth of the owner, as did the colour; fine, white linen was the choice of the wealthy, natural brown/grey heavier cloth was more affordable to working class men. Even the poorest man would have owned several shirts and they would have doubled as nightwear.

Plain neck shirt £45
Split neck shirt, hand-finished £55

Fur has been used for warmth for millenia, but in the medieval period it was often an expensive fashion statement.

Late 15thC Short Pleated Gown

Late 15thC Middle Class Gown

15thC Short Fur-Trimmed Wool Gown

15thC Short Fur-Trimmed Wool Gown – Back view

Late 15thC fur-trimmed gown

Late 15thC Burgundian Gown

Late 15thC Gown

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