from 14th Century

Fur has been used for warmth for millenia, but in the medieval period it was often an expensive fashion statement.

Late 15th Century Nobility Late 15th Century Burgundian Gown
14th Century wool cote and surcote

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14th Century Doublet and Hat

14th Century Doublet and Hat

Developing from the earlier tunic, the 14th century doublet was a simple shape, at least thigh length and often fastened with many buttons. Prices from £145

14th Century Doublet

14th Century Doublet

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14th Century Gown

14th Century Gown

By the 14th Century women’s gowns were becoming more fitted to the body. Panels were becoming more shaped to flatter the figure, sleeves were tighter and set into the armhole. Skirts were long and full from the hip level.

Prices start from £195

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14th Century Split Hose and Braies

13th/14th Century Single Leg Hose and Braies

Hose began as simple foot coverings and extended upwards covering more of the leg.
During 13th and much of the 14th century hose were single-legged garments (split hose) with long legged (pipe) braies filling the gap between. Hose fasten directly to the waistband (breech girdle) of the braies. Single leg hose (pair) £55

14th Century Parti-coloured Split Hose

13th/14th Century Single Leg Hose (parti-coloured)

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Fully lined wool kirtle £195

The kirtle is a foundation garment worn over a linen shift; intended to act as bust support, it needs to be a snug fit. Over this would be worn a gown or an overkirtle for working women. Prices vary (according to options below) from £195

Choose from:

Wool or linen – lined or unlined

Laced (front, back or sides) or buttoned (14th century)

Long sleeves or short sleeves (with or without oversleeves – £20).

Overkirtle (pull-on, slightly looser fit)

Wool short-sleeved overkirtle

Wool short-sleeved overkirtle (fully lined) £185

Linen Kirtle

Linen front-laced kirtle £125

Linen Kirtles

Linen short-sleeved kirtles

Unlined wool kirtle £175

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