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13th Century Costume

13th Century Costume

Higher status (left) and lower status costume made for volunteers at Goodrich Castle.
Costume consists of linen shift, cote and sideless surcoat.
Shift £45
Cote £125
Surcote £115

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14th Century Gown

14th Century Gown

By the 14th Century women’s gowns were becoming more fitted to the body. Panels were becoming more shaped to flatter the figure, sleeves were tighter and set into the armhole. Skirts were long and full from the hip level.

Prices start from £195

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Wool laced-front kirtle (fully lined) £175

The kirtle is a foundation garment worn over a linen shift. Over this would be worn a gown or an overkirtle for working women. Prices vary (according to options below) from £175

Choose from:

Wool or linen – lined or unlined

Laced (front, back or sides) or buttoned (14th century)

Long sleeves or short sleeves (with or without oversleeves – £20).

Overkirtle (pull-on, slightly looser fit)

Wool short-sleeved overkirtle

Wool short-sleeved overkirtle (fully lined) £165

Linen Kirtle

Linen front-laced kirtle £95

Linen Kirtles

Linen short-sleeved kirtles

Fully lined wool kirtle - £175

Fully lined wool kirtle – £175

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Gowns of various styles from the 15th Century.
Prices start from £165

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Ladies Half-Hose

Ladies Half-Hose

Shifts and hose are the foundations of womenswear throughout much of history.

Shifts were t-shaped garments very similar to mens shirts, just longer and fuller. In the 13th, 14th and 15th century nothing was worn underneath the shift.

Women’s hose were knee-length socks cut from woven cloth. They were often quite loose and held up by garters just below the knee.

Linen shifts £40
Half-hose in linen or wool £38

Ladies Half-Hose

Ladies Half-Hose

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