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Fur has been used for warmth for millenia, but in the medieval period it was often an expensive fashion statement.

Late 15thC Short Pleated Gown

Late 15thC Middle Class Gown

15thC Short Fur-Trimmed Wool Gown

15thC Short Fur-Trimmed Wool Gown – Back view

Late 15thC fur-trimmed gown

Late 15thC Burgundian Gown

Late 15thC Gown

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Eleanor of Aquitaine Representation of Eleanor of Aquitaine, floor-length brocade gown, velvet cloak and barbette and veil.

Gown from £145

Cloak from £175

Barbette and Veil from £60

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Tudor clothing can cover a wide range of styles from simple early clothing that resembles medieval fashions to the elaborate and outrageous.

1570’s Tudor women

Elizabethan lady and servant

Tudor women

Tudor women



Tudor kirtle and sleeves

early tudor man

Henrician Man

tudor gown

Tudor 1570’s Gown

tudor gown

Tudor brocade Gown

Early Tudor Gentleman

Early Tudor man

Early Tudor Lady

Early Tudor Lady

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13th Century Costume

13th Century Costume

Higher status (left) and lower status costume made for volunteers at Goodrich Castle.
Costume consists of linen shift, cote and sideless surcoat.
Shift £45
Cote £125
Surcote £115

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14th Century Gown

14th Century Gown

By the 14th Century women’s gowns were becoming more fitted to the body. Panels were becoming more shaped to flatter the figure, sleeves were tighter and set into the armhole. Skirts were long and full from the hip level.

Prices start from £195

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