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Fur has been used for warmth for millenia, but in the medieval period it was often an expensive fashion statement.

Late 15thC Short Pleated Gown

Late 15thC Middle Class Gown

15thC Short Fur-Trimmed Wool Gown

15thC Short Fur-Trimmed Wool Gown – Back view

Late 15thC fur-trimmed gown

Late 15thC Burgundian Gown

Late 15thC Gown

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Tudor clothing can cover a wide range of styles from simple early clothing that resembles medieval fashions to the elaborate and outrageous.

1570’s Tudor women

Elizabethan lady and servant

Tudor women

Tudor women



Tudor kirtle and sleeves

early tudor man

Henrician Man

tudor gown

Tudor 1570’s Gown

tudor gown

Tudor brocade Gown

Early Tudor Gentleman

Early Tudor man

Early Tudor Lady

Early Tudor Lady

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Short-sleeved wool kirtle (fully lined)- £265

The kirtle is a foundation garment worn over a linen shift; intended to act as bust support, it needs to be a snug fit. Over this would be worn a gown or an overkirtle for working women.
Prices vary (according to options below) from £165
Choose from:
Wool or linen – lined or unlined
Laced (front, back or sides) or buttoned (14th century)
Long sleeves or short sleeves (with or without oversleeves – £20)
Overkirtle (pull-on, slightly looser fit)

Wool short-sleeved overkirtle

Short-sleeved wool overkirtle (fully lined) £215

Short-sleeved linen kirtle – £165


Short-sleeved wool kirtle – £265

Unlined wool kirtle £215

Short-sleeved wool overkirtle – £215

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Gowns of various styles from the 15th Century.
Prices start from £265

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Shifts and hose are the foundations of womenswear throughout much of history.

Shifts were linen under-garments very similar to mens shirts, just longer and fuller. In the 13th, 14th and 15th century nothing was worn underneath the shift.

Women’s hose were knee-length socks cut from woven cloth. They were often quite loose and held up by garters just below the knee.

Linen shifts £65
Half-hose in linen or wool £45

Ladies Half-Hose

Ladies Half-Hose

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