from Cloaks

Cloaks are our signature garment. Made from only the finest quality fabrics, our cloaks will last for many years, whether you are looking for a wedding cloak for your special day, a stylish final layer to your period outfit, something to keep you warm round a campfire at night or even as everyday wear. We make the cloaks, you decide the occasion.

Here are examples of cloaks in particular historical styles and functions. All of these cloaks are made to measure specifically for each customer – small numbers may be held in stock on occasion if you are in a hurry, or if you have a design for a cloak you would like made for you, contact us with the details.

Included in the price are most linings and your choice of fastening. Choose from braided frog fastening, matching fabric tie, tassled rope, or metal clasp (see Clasps page to select your clasp). Alternatively you may have your own clasp added free of charge.