In the 18th Century womenswear became larger and more formal than ever before. Still corsetted, formal gowns became heavier, stiffer and more embellished; skirts extended sideways and bodices had extended panels hanging from the shoulders. Ordinary women wore gowns that mimicked the rich, formal gowns or simpler bodices and skirts that were more practical for working in.


Silk Sack-Back Gown from £475


Back View

18th century gown

18th century Gown and Petticoat

Early 18th working woman’s gown from £195,

petticoat from £90 and coif £25

18thC Woman

18thC Jacket and Petticoat

Mid 18thC Jacket from £145

Pinner cap £20



18th century stays from £395

stays back

Stays back



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